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Being involved in an accident is scary and distressing. In addition to dealing with physical pain and medical treatment — along with costly medical bills — you may also have to worry about missing days from work, lost wages, and sometimes, even a lawsuit. It’s hard enough to think about what to do next under normal circumstances. Add litigation to it, and the experience can feel paralyzing. That’s where the attorneys at Clark Law come in. We are passionate about fighting for our clients and exhausting every possible scenario. We always have our client’s best interests at heart and will get the best possible outcome you deserve.

How can a personal injury lawyer help your case?

Having an experienced attorney on your side will make a significant difference in your case. For starters, you’ll have someone whose only job is to fight for your rights. You don’t know what you don’t know — and this can severely hurt you. For instance, a personal injury lawyer will know which questions to ask from the other party, as well as which documents to request and which factors to consider. This may include requesting video surveillance footage — and doing so timely — deposing doctors to determine how your accident may affect you in the future, or whether it may be helpful to hire an accident reconstruction expert.

If you don’t have an attorney, anything you say can be twisted and later used against you. You may lose important deadlines to make specific claims, raise defenses, or file documents — all of which can hurt your chances of recovering the money you need to pay for all your damages. Having a personal injury lawyer takes all the stress and second-guessing off your shoulders. You can focus on your recovery, while we plan the best strategy to ensure you prevail.

What types of cases can a personal injury lawyer help you with?

A personal injury attorney can help you navigate any case where you were injured. The most common incidents include:

How long do personal injury claims take?

There is no specific timeframe for a personal injury case to come to completion. Factors that will affect its duration include the severity of your injuries, whether you’ve been involved in previous accidents, whether the other party is insured, the volume of documents to review, and anything else that may be relevant specifically to your case.

Once you discuss all elements with a personal injury lawyer, you will have a better idea about what to expect, as well as the possible duration of your case.

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