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When a property owner is unable to keep their dwelling safe, they have an immense responsibility to warn the public of the dangers. Whether it’s a yellow caution sign on a wet floor or an out of order sign on the sidewalk, it is their duty to make sure people know that something is out of the ordinary. This legal obligation is called a premises liability.

Premises Liability Cases

Slip and fall cases are the most common premises liability cases. Other premises liability cases include:

  • Dog bites or other animal bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Defective sidewalks or roads
  • Staircase or elevator accidents
  • Insufficient security
  • Electrocution or electricity accidents

Premises Liability Victims

Many times, these and other sorts of premises liability cases result in serious and life-changing injuries. No one should be forced to suffer as the result of a careless property owner. Contact our team of attorneys now if you are a premises liability victim.

Common injuries from premises liability cases:

  • Broken bones (resulting in an X-ray)
  • Head trauma (resulting in a CT scan)
  • Electric shocks or burns
  • Head, neck, or spinal injuries

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