Domestic Violence Lawyer

At Clark Law, P.A., we understand that a domestic violence charge can be a very stressful situation. You may fear losing your children or spouse, your home and possibly even your job. Our domestic violence defense attorneys will be there to provide aggressive representation throughout your case until it is resolved.

As former members of the State Attorney’s Office, we spent several months each in a unit dedicated solely to the prosecution of domestic violence crimes. This gave us the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to provide you with high-quality representation on your domestic violence charge.

Having an experienced St. Petersburg domestic violence defense attorney from Clark Law, P.A. can assist you in this process by negotiating with the State Attorney’s Office. By having an attorney who knows about the domestic violence laws and programs available, you are in a better position to negotiate your case. This can save you from having a conviction of guilty on your record and all of the consequences involved with being convicted of domestic violence, such as losing your concealed carry permit.

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