St. Petersburg Truck Accident Attorney

St. Petersburg Truck Accident Attorney

Driving in Florida is a risky business. All you have to do is look at statistics to confirm it. Accidents become even more dangerous when they involve a semi-truck. Since they are substantially bigger and heavier than other motor vehicles — and may have drivers who are sleep-deprived from long hours on the road — results can be catastrophic. To add insult to injury, truck accident cases can be complex since they involve the driver as well as their employer, and sometimes both state and federal laws.

In addition, trucking companies’ business operations depend on life on the road. If one of their trucks is involved in an accident, they will have insurance agents as well as attorneys involved in the case as soon as possible. Their priority will always be their own interests — their bottom line. If you want to be on equal footing when negotiating your case, it’s crucial for you to have experienced legal representation who’s familiar with every aspect of these types of cases and applicable laws. This is especially important when it comes to preserving evidence — such as deposing witnesses, demanding that surveillance footage be preserved, and requesting documents from the trucking company, just to name a few.

Are There Florida Driving Laws That Apply Specifically to Trucks?

Yes. Just as with motorists and pedestrians, there are Florida Statutes that were specifically designed to impose responsibilities on truck drivers. Some of these include the following:

Distance Between Vehicles

Motorists are expected to leave a reasonable and prudent distance between themselves and the car in front of them. Truck drivers, however, are required to allow at least 300 feet of space between them and another motor vehicle.

Passing Vehicles

Truck drivers are allowed to reduce the 300 feet of space requirement only when passing a vehicle. Passing on the right is only legal when there are two or more lanes of traffic of vehicles moving in the same direction.

Legal Alcohol Limit Driving a Truck | Driving a Truck Under the Influence

Although the legal alcohol limit for purposes of a DUI is .08, truck drivers are held to a higher standard due to the size and weight of their vehicles. The legal limit for persons operating a truck is .04.

There are also license requirements, size, and weight restrictions, as well as how long a truck driver’s shift lasts. Becoming familiar with these laws is essential for trucking companies, truck drivers, and regular motorists who’ve been involved in an accident with a semi-truck. You’ll also want to be aware of time limitations for filing your claim, as well as how to adequately estimate your damages — including medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and in fatal cases, the wrongful death of a loved one.

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