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Since trucks are far bigger than other vehicles on the road, the results are often catastrophic when collisions involve any sort of semi truck. When it comes to truck and auto accidents, the attorneys at Clark Law are leaders in the community. We are not afraid to fight for you and understand that these accidents can be complex. Both federal and state laws make these cases fairly unique due to not only the involvement of the driver and the vehicle but the company as well.

Trucking companies’ business operations depend on life on the road. If an accident happens involving a company’s truck, the company needs to have one of their insurance agents at the scene as soon as possible. If you are involved in a truck accident, it is imperative you have a lawyer that understands the laws surrounding trucking companies and accidents. We urge you to hire an attorney immediately following a commercial truck collision. Evidence can often quickly be changed and it’s essential for all accident evidence to be properly preserved.

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