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If you’ve been accused of a theft crime, regardless of whether it’s shoplifting or armed robbery, it is critical for you to have aggressive and experienced legal representation. As former prosecutors with experience dealing with thousands of theft cases, we possess the knowledge and skill to make sure you get the representation that you need for your theft-related offense.

Theft crimes in the state of Florida can range from a second-degree misdemeanor to first-degree felony. Typically, the monetary value of the items is the factor that decides the severity of the charge. However, certain factors—such as a prior record or the use or theft of a firearm—can result in the State Attorney’s Office filing an automatic felony charge.

Theft-Related Crimes We Provide Legal Representation For

Petit Theft — commonly referred to as shoplifting, petit theft can be a first or second-degree misdemeanor but can still have serious consequences including a jail sentence of up to 365 days.

Felony Petit Theft — the state of Florida can charge felony petit theft if you have two prior convictions for petit theft. The maximum punishment is five years imprisonment.

Grand Theft — grand theft crimes include theft of a value greater than $300, such as auto theft. The state can charge grand theft as either a first, second, or third-degree felony based on the value stolen.

Robbery — robbery can be charged when force or threat of force is used to take anything of value. Robbery is a serious charge, even if the value of the item or money stolen is small. Robbery charges can be further complicated if a weapon such as a firearm is used.

Credit Card Fraud — credit card fraud can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value stolen or the number of times the card has been illegally used. Felony charges of credit card fraud can result in severe punishment.

Dealing in Stolen Property — a second-degree felony that occurs when a person sells something (usually to a pawnbroker) that they knew or should have known to have been stolen, regardless of the value of the item.

Burglary — commonly referred to as B&E or breaking and entering. The state can charge burglary if you’ve broken into a car, home, or business with the intent to steal anything of value inside. The punishment for burglary can range from probation to life in prison, based upon the specific offense charged as well as your criminal record.

Worthless Checks — we also offer representation to clients charged with obtaining property with a worthless check, uttering a forged instrument, and all other check-related matters. A conviction for a theft-related crime can have life-altering consequences including jail, prison, and/or a long period of probation with an order from a judge to pay restitution.

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