Should You Move Your Car After an Accident?

Should You Move Your Car After an Accident

We’ve all been there: We’re driving our car on our way to work, and right smack in the middle of 275 there’s an accident scene. The cars seem to be relatively fine (minus a couple of dents). Surely they could have driven to the side of the road and alleviated some of the traffic congestion they caused, right?

While in theory, the answer is yes, in practice, it depends on the severity of the accident. Regardless of the circumstances, you are required by law to stop. Something worse than getting into a car crash is having to face criminal charges.

So, what should you do if you’re involved in a car accident that blocks traffic?

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For Minor Car Accidents: Don’t block the flow of traffic

If we’re talking about a fender bender, failing to stop means you’d be committing a misdemeanor. So pull over.

Also, if your car still starts and there are no visibly injured people then by all means, get out of the way of everyone else.

In fact, not doing so is a traffic violation. Does anyone really need to have to deal with one of those after an accident?

For Major Car Accidents: Assess the situation before moving your car off the road

Be aware that failing to stop at an accident scene where there is serious injury or death is a felony. So stop and take care of what’s most important first. If there are any injured people, call 911.

Florida Statute 316.027 states that “the stops shall be made without unnecessarily obstructing traffic” and that “the driver of the vehicle shall make every reasonable effort to move the vehicle or have it moved so as not to obstruct the regular flow of traffic.”

So yes, move your car if the circumstances allow it.

That said, you shouldn’t move a person who’s seriously injured. Wait for paramedics to arrive and provide them with the assistance they need, then move your car (if at all possible).

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We understand that hindsight is 20/20 and that in times of panic, people sometimes don’t act with the best judgment. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or even a hit and run, we can help.

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