Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Every year brings more teenage drivers on the roads and highways. For teenagers, being able to drive without their parents is an exciting adventure that they cannot wait to embark on. However, for parents, it is a time for constant worry. Car accidents were the number one cause of death for teenagers aged 13-19 in 2010. While the number of teenagers dying due to car accidents is significantly decreasing per year, 2,823 teenagers died in motor vehicle accidents in 2012. Clark Hartpence Law is dedicated to serving you and your family, and so we have the following list of safety tips for you to help keep your teen driver safe.

7 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

1. Emphasize the Importance of Wearing Your Seat Belt

Parents, emphasize to your teen to wear their seatbelt every time they get in a vehicle as it could save their life. The majority of teenagers who were injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents did not wear their seat belts. According to the DMV, wearing a seat belt is the single most effective means of reducing fatal and non-fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

2. Highlight the Importance of Putting Their Cell Phones Down

The primary risk factors for teenage motor vehicle accidents are inexperience and immaturity. When talking or texting on a cell phone is added into the mix, the results can be deadly. Distracted teenagers are more likely to overcorrect while driving due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Talk to your teens about the importance of putting their phones down while driving.

3. Stress the Importance of Respecting the Speed Limit

Almost half of all teenage driving accidents are the result of speeding. Teenagers do not have the experience to determine the distance between vehicles and how long it takes for a car’s brakes to work. Speeding can result in deadly car accidents, so teach your teenager why abiding by the speed limit could save their life.

4. Restrict Driving at Night

In 2012, 17 percent of teenage motor vehicle crash deaths happened between 9 p.m. and midnight. Another 24 percent of teenage motor vehicle deaths happened between midnight and 6 a.m. Restricting your teenager’s night driving reduces their risk of fatal car accidents.

5. Limit the Number of Teenage Passengers While Your Teen Is Driving

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that a teenage driver’s risk of injury or death in a crash increases if there are one or more passengers under the age of 21 in the vehicle. The more teenage passengers in the teen’s car, the greater the risk of a car accident. Restricting the number of passengers in your teen’s car, especially other teenage passengers, will reduce the risk of a fatal car accident.

6. Talk to Your Teen About the Importance of Not Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving causes serious accidents no matter what the age group. However, while teenagers are more likely to not drink and drive than adults when teenagers do drink and drive, their crash risk is substantially higher due to inexperience with both drinking and driving. Talk to your teen about the consequences of drinking and driving before they get behind the wheel of the car.

7. Make Sure Your Teen’s Car Is Safe and Well-Maintained

Teenagers are not as experienced as most experienced adults when it comes to driving. Therefore, when something unexpected happens — such as a tire blowing out, teenagers are more likely to panic and crash than an adult. Make sure your teen is driving a safe and well-maintained car so that the likelihood of the car malfunctioning and contributing to an accident is significantly less.

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