Understanding Florida’s Noise Ordinances & Noise Violation Laws

Understanding Floridas Noise Violation Laws

Florida’s laws and regulations about noise violations have been in the news in recent years. Many wonder if people in the state can be legally charged or fined for violating noise ordinances, such as when loud music is played from a home, business, or automobile. Read on to learn the details regarding Florida’s noise violation laws.

Noise Violation Laws in Florida

Since 2012, the State of Florida allowed local jurisdictions to enforce laws regarding loud noises. The state law that governed such noises, like loud music from automobiles, was struck down by the Florida Supreme Court as unconstitutional that year. The chief problem with the law was found in its unequal relevance to different groups. Political campaigns, for example, were allowed to play audio material at any level, while people listening to music in their cars were restricted and heavily ticketed. Citing the First Amendment’s right to free speech, the Supreme Court ruling stated, “the statute is invalid because it is an unreasonable restriction on the freedom of the expression.”

What You Need to Know About Florida Noise Ordinance

No matter where you live in Florida, you should check with local police to determine any laws they adhere to regarding loud noises before any creation of such. It would also be a good idea to check with the sheriff’s department in your respective county because county and city regulations might be different. When asking questions, you should be sure to find out the following:

  • What constitutes a noise-related violation?
  • Are there different rules for different situations?
  • What are the penalties for violations?
  • Which law enforcement agency has jurisdiction?

Clark Hartpence Law Can Help

At Clark Hartpence Law, we make it a priority to remain current with all local regulations in our state that pertain to noise. Since Florida’s noise violation laws can vary by location, it is important to contact an attorney on your side who knows the law and can fight for your rights. Contact us or call (855)-680-4911 today for a free consultation.

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