My Car Accident Was Caused By Poor Road Conditions

Have you been in a car accident? Sometimes, it’s pretty clear if someone was at fault: a driver ran a red light, a person was texting while driving, a car had no working brake lights. When any of these happen, it’s easy to know who to sue.

But what if your accident was caused by a traffic light that wasn’t working? What if you were driving at night, there was a pothole the size of Texas, and there wasn’t any adequate lighting around you? What if there were still trees blocking a road a few weeks after a hurricane? What if there was road construction without proper signs?

You Still May Be Able to Sue in a Single-Car Accident Because of Poor Road Conditions

Just because you were the only person involved in a car crash, it doesn’t mean that it was your fault. All of the examples above could’ve been prevented by different government agencies.

Sometimes, it will be a local one, like the Department of Transportation; while other times, you may have to deal with a federal one, such as the Federal Highway Administration.

The Best Way to Protect Yourself is Talking With a Car Accident Lawyer

Different statutes of limitations and requirements come into play when you’re dealing with a government agency. Sometimes, an agency will be immune from a specific type of claim. Other times, there are very specific statutes that govern how to proceed.

Sometimes, you’ll need to file a claim with the agency first. Other times, you need to send them a letter notifying them of your intent to sue.

Unless you want to spend hours doing legal research and reading dense text with esoteric terms, you’re better off talking to an attorney.

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